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What is House Cleaning Service?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

House cleaning is no easy task; with steambull app, you can leave it to professionals. Steambull CleanPro house cleaning service includes everything you need for a clean home. Our professionals are well-trained and equipped to clean your house with the best tools.

What is Included in House Cleaning Services?

Now, let's see what is included in a house cleaning service when you hire

Steambull CleanPro. Of course, you can let us know about anything extra you need or choose other options such as deep cleaning or disinfection service.

1. House Cleaning Services

Steambull CleanPro makes sure that the best professional is sent to your house when you make a request. No matter how big or small your house is, we will send an adequate number of cleaning professionals for the best home cleaning possible. Our professionals will finish the job in no time, leaving you with a clean and shiny home.

2. General Home Cleaning Services

Professional house cleaning includes general cleaning of the entire house. This includes vacuuming the carpet, mopping the floors, cleaning the windows, and so on. When you finish rough cleaning, many dirty surfaces and corners remain. These are the specific parts, but it does not end here.

3. Deep Home Cleaning Services

Deep home cleaning is another service offered by Steambul app, which involves even more things. When you hire professionals for deep cleaning, they will also clean air filters, ceiling fans, wash curtains, and more.

4. Bedroom Cleaning Services

No matter how messy your house is, Steambull CleanPro staff will clean the whole room with ease. Our professionals will change your bed sheets if necessary, dust all the wardrobes, and ensure that your bedroom is fresh after they leave. While they are cleaning your house, you can sit back and relax.

5. Kitchen Cleaning Services

This is probably the most challenging part for everyone who tried cleaning their kitchens once. The oily surfaces on the oven, the dusty shelves, and many more problems occur when you try to clean your kitchen thoroughly. However, professional house cleaning is much more comprehensive. When you hire the house cleaning service from Steambull CleanPro, cleaning professionals will scrub cabinets and countertops and clean all the appliances, such as the refrigerator. They will also remove the kitchen hood and clean everything needed.

6. Bathroom Cleaning Services

Many people hate cleaning bathrooms because they can get dirty very quickly. You probably don't have time to clean your bathroom comprehensively when you come back from work. Then just let us know, and we will send the best professionals for you. The bathroom cleaning includes scrubbing sinks and bathtubs, disposing of waste in your bathroom, and cleaning the mats. Professional home cleaning service is essential for bathrooms as a dirty bathroom is both unpleasant and a health hazard.

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