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How to Book a Cleaning Service?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

If you need a home cleaner, a maid service or more, we're the best and easiest way to find them for you. We know that you want a good deal on cleaning, but you also want to know that the job will be done well and professionally. Steambull app puts you in touch with professional cleaners who do that. You can set up regular cleaning appointments so that your house stays spotless every day.

Bookings are easy to set up and change with Steambull app. Just open the Steambull app and pick the best date and time for you. Maybe your home needs a deep clean with extra care, so you can book that too. You can add extras to your booking through the app, such as laundry, cleaning inside cabinets and the fridge, and more. Let us know about what you need more during the booking page, and we will take care of it.

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